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komma – The Experts for Tracking Studies

We are a full-service market research agency for marketing, brand and communication. We are the experts for advertising tracking and brand tracking and other consumer tracking studies. We do not only support you in setting up a new tracking study, but also in the further development of an existing advertising tracking or brand tracking.

If you want to continue an existing tracking study with a new agency, we are the right partner for you. We have extensive experience in migrating tracking studies seamlessly.

Our special offer for you:

  • We cover the migration costs

    Usually, when moving a tracking study to a new agency, you have additional costs are generated by the new setup. These costs we are covering for you.

  • Seamless Migration

    Further we ensure a seamless transfer, to achieve best possible comparison of data with the existing tracking.

  • Quality and Expertise

    Benefit from our extensive experience and expert advice in designing and developing tracking studies. Our highly automated processes ensure highest quality and efficiency – everything to a fair price.

Find more information on our advertising tracking and brand tracking here

Markentracking und Werbetracking mit komma
Markentracking und Werbetracking Diagnostik

komma – Top Market Research Agency 2021

We have received best ratings from corporate market researchers and Marketing decision makers: In the image survey from German internet portal komma has been evaluated as one of the best market research agencies in Germany. komma received 4 awards in the category “Smaller Agencies”:

  • Consulting Expertise

  • Quality

  • Service Orientation

  • Transparency

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