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Optimise your brand positioning and brand strategy with us

Does your brand succeed in appealing to the heart and mind of consumers equally? This is surely onle of the most exciting, but also most demanding tasks in modern marketing. We as brand researchers help you to answer the relevant questions for a successful brand positioning.

  • You would like to know, which emotional and rational values your brand represents, which consumer needs it satisfies?
  • A repositioning of your brand is approaching and you need a strategic starting point?
  • You would like to know your brand’s strengths and weaknesses in comparison to the competition and what’s driving your brand strength?
  • You would like to know, which brands are considered real alternatives by your target group?

In order to minimise rationalisation within brand evaluations and to explore the intuitive, emotional core of brand attribution, it can be helpful to employ implicit measures like response time measurement or projective questions and approaches.

How can the success of your brand be increased further?

We show you the IS-position of your brand, as well as of competitive brands in the subjective perceptual space of consumers. Measures for improvement of your brand profile can be derived through the comparison of the AS-IS-position with your strategic brand goals. If you are thinking about a realingment of your brand, we are helping you with the identification of promising options for your positioning. On the basis of comparing your brand profile to the competition, you will be able to see at which image dimensions your brand is excelling. In addition, the image dimensions which are strengthening or weakening your brand attractivity in particular can be identified through driver analyses. Then, goal-oriented measures to strengthen your brand exactly where it will pay off in form of an enhanced brand attractivity can be derived. Moreover, we can determine the relationship between your brand and the other brands in the industry. Which competitor brands are most likely to threathen your position – and conversely, from which brands can you preferably obtain market shares?

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