Applied Data Analytics

In times of increasing amounts of information and data, intelligent data analytics are gaining more and more importance. It is about strukturing and connecting data and information in such a way that real understanding emerges – data insights, which will advance your business.

We are offering a wide variety of tools and multivariate analyses within the field of Applied Data Analytics, with precisely this goal in mind. In this process, we are working with data which we collect on your behalf, already existing data sets, as well as merged data sources and information.

Certain lines of questioning we would like to discuss with you are:

  • Modeling
  • Driver analyses and
  • Typologies /Segmentation

We gain more insights from your data!


Marketing-Mix Modelling to optimise your marketing mix. What influence do your marketing activities excert, e.g. on the overall success of your brand and sales figures?

Advertising efficieny analyses to optimise your communication budget and media split. Does, for example, the combination of on- and offline advertising have an strengthening effect on assertiveness or brand linkage of a campaign, or on brand perception in general?

Through which characteristics can we mearsure valid brand affinity and, thus, derive a meaningful affinity index?

Driver analyses

Which services do you have to improve to enahnce brand affinity, or other KPIs like willingness to recommend / NPS, customer satisfaction or willingness to buy?

Through driver analyses, we determine precisely such aspects which have an especially high potential to raise brand affinity or any other KPI. Therefore, you can prioritise activities and focus your measures and investments precisely to the aspects, for which an improved service also equals an improvement in your relevant KPIs. Conversely you can deprioritise aspects, for which an improved service does not translate into your KPIs.

Typologies / Segmentation

You would like to review your target group or are in need of a typology, which is tailored to your business and your industry?

Would you like to know, the potential of your individual target groups / markt segments?

You would like to identify your primary target group, i.e. the target group whose needs are satisfied most by your brand?

In order to optimise your means of adressing your target group, you would like to get to know motives, attitudes, profiles and media usage of this target group better?