Advertising Tracking and Brand Tracking

Advertising tracking and brand tracking, or a combination of the two, are the core instruments to regularly review the effect and efficiency of communication and other marketing activities. Would you like to know, …

  • how famous and successful your brand is?
  • how well your advertisement is establised in the face of competition?
  • how efficient your advertising budget is used?
  • how you can adress your target group better?
  • how you can increase the attractiveness of your brand further?
  • how you can successfully stand out against your competition?

These questions can be answered purposefully through our approaches to advertising tracking and brand tracking.

Digital modules for expansion of and in addition to “classic” tracking approaches are increasingly gaining significance here. Cookie-Measurements, Social Media Monitoring and Facial Coding are especially worth considering.

The right diagnostic tool is important

Trakings help you to clearly observe how your target group is perceiving your brand and other brands within the industry. You will see how the perception is changing through time due to advertisement and other marketing activities. In addition, you will see which campaigns are successful and which are not working for you. To be able to observe all of this, it is important to establish a reliable empirical basis, to ask the right questions, and to measure the relevant KPI’s.

It is equally important, though, to draw the right conclusions from the gained observations. We employ an intelligent diagnostic tool to identify the key points of action for your advertising and your brand. This will aid you to improve the efficiency of your advertising and marketing investments.

To these intelligent diagnostic tools belong the following

We gladly advise you on how the advertising tracking approach looks like for you.

Digital modules for expansion of the advertising tracking


Particularly within the mix of classic and digital advertising campaigns, the technical measurement of contacts through cookies delivers important insights about the interaction of the different elements of a campaign.

Social Media Monitoring

The connection between advertising trackings and social media activity becomes increasingly important. We either integrate an already existing social media monitoring into our analysis or we establish a novel system togehter with you.

Facial Coding

It can be helpful to measure the direct, uninfluenced reactions to the advertisement for the further development of your campaign. Thereby, emotions of the interviewees will be ascertained through analysis of their facial expressions, on a second-by-second basis. This data allows for derivation of clear suggestions for improvement of the advertising film. This approach can be implemented in advertising pretests, as well as in advertising trackings (for further optimisation of an advertising film).