Markentracking und Werbetracking mit komma

Advertising tracking and brand tracking

Advertising tracking and brand tracking are the main instruments to check the effect and efficiency of communication and other marketing activities regularly. The following questions can be answered decicively:

  • How well known and successful is my brand?
  • How is my brand performing over time?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of my competitors?
  • How well is my brand performing compared to its competitors?
  • How efficient is my advertising spending?
  • How can I reach my target group better?
  • How can I increase the appeal of my brand further?

In addition to the “classic” tracking approaches, we offer digital modules, for example cookie measurements, social media monitoring and facial coding.

The komma Brand Cockpit

Our brand cockpit helps you to manage and control your brand. Always being informed and up-to-date on your brand performance, your marketing activities and your competitors. We are developing in close collaboration with you a brand cockpit which is tailored precisely to your needs. Our High automation of the data processing delivers results in almost real-time. You can identify changes in brand performance in a timely manner and act and react accordingly.

For our brand cockpit we are using Tableau. Data is hosted on our own Servers in Germany. If you prefer to keep your data in-house, we are happy to support you in the Implementation.

komma Neuigkeiten Hintergrund

Markentracking und Werbetracking Diagnostik

We help you to draw the right conclusions

Trackings help you to observe how your target group is perceiving your brand and other brands within the industry. And how does the advertisement and other marketing activities affect brand perception. Get an overview on which campaigns are successful and which have room for improvement. We help you to establish a reliable empirical base to ask the right questions and to measure the relevant KPIs.

We also support you to draw the right conclusions from the data. Therefore we apply intelligent diagnostic tools to derive the right strategies and actions for your advertising and your brand. So you can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your advertising and marketing investments.

Some of our diagnostic tools are:

We are happy to design the right brand tracking and advertising tracking concept for you.

Digital modules for extension of the advertising tracking


Our cookie measurement approach brings performance measurement of classical and digital campaigns together.
We make different elements of a campaign comparable and help so to derive the right conclusions and manage the brand across various touchpoints.

Social Media Monitoring

The connection between advertising trackings and social media activities becomes increasingly important. We help you to create a social media monitoring into the overall brand cockpit. We are also happy to integrate already existing social media monitorings into our analysis and brand cockpit.

Facial Coding

Optimize your advertising campaign before you go on air. We are using latest technologies to systematically improve your campaign. Our facial coding approach analyses the emotions of your customers by identifying the facial expression through Artificial intelligence. Optimization potential can be derived directly, e.g. optimize sequences of motion advertising. This can be applied both in an advertising pre-testing or in an advertising post-testing setup.