With advertising pretests, you will avoid bad investment in the wrong ad

Next to the media plan and marketing mix, the employed ads need to be a fit for your campaign in order to be successful. Internal evalutations solely do not always meet the trend in the market. Therefore, we advise our clients to at least test the core advertisement of a campaign in the envisioned target group and optimise it therafter on basis of the results. Advertising pretests constitute an extremely worthwhile investment in the long run.

The core research questions of advertising pretests

  • Is the TV-Spot (or another ad material) able to establish itself in the face of the competition?
  • Is the message understood correctly?
  • Does the branding match – or is the ad advertising unintentionally for the competition?
  • How is the TV-Spot (or another ad material) received by the target group?
  • And, essentially: How strong is the ad’s acivation power? I.e., is the ad able to excert a shift towards your brand?

Implicit emotion measurement (Facial Coding)

It is especially promising within the advertising pretest, to not only use a classic survey format, but also measure the direct, uninfluenced reaction to the ad. Thereby, emotions of the interviewees will be ascertained through analysis of their facial expressions, on a second-by-second basis. Then, supported by a comprehensive benchmarking, we will derive clear suggestions for improvement of the advertising film.

Werbepretests mit komma